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With more than 3 decades of experience in industrial engineering sector Hesham Saad has been the man behind setting up few of the largest steel plants and rerolling mills across Middle East and North Africa. Presently serving as Technical Director, Egyptian Steel Group, Saad has been acknowledged as one of the key think tanks, driving the rapidly growing Egyptian steel industry.



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Dr. Hesham Saad is currently Deputy Managing Director at Arabian Steel Industries. Since 1989 he has held a number of positions in several companies specialized in the manufacture of reinforcing steel re-bars, and has worked at prestigious organizations such as Kouta Steel group, as well as Egyptian steel Group. In addition to this, he has spearheaded several other projects both inside and outside of Egypt, such as Sudan and Morocco giving him an indepth perspective of the steel industry, particuarly in the North Africa region. In recent years he has particpated at a number of notable conferences and contributes to industry developments and thought leadership by researching and writing papers.


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Summary of Dr.Hesham Saad

  • He holds a doctorate in international commercial arbitration from the “OIL SIA OSLO” Institute of Legal Studies.
  • He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the Faculty of Commerce, Suez University.
  • He holds a Bachelor of Engineering, Division of Mechanics, Production of the Faculty of Engineering, Suez University.
  • Lecturer and arbitrator at the Academy of Justice and a certified trainer at the Arab Coaches Union.
  • Director of the Agricultural Research Department at Egyptian Steel Group.
  • He participated in the drawing for printing in the form of the year of rebar rolling starting from 1989.
  • The Qouta Steel Group was his first school in that field.

Industry Challenges and Recruitments

Dr. Hisham Saad has participated in establishing many steel plants and hot rolling lines in Egypt and some Arab countries over more than 3 decades of experience in the industrial sector in general and in the steel industry in particular, and Dr. Hisham is currently the director of research and development in Egyptian Steel Group, which currently occupies a prominent position as one of the most important pioneering institutions in the steel industry in Egypt. Dr. Hisham Saad obtained a BA in Production Engineering and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from Suez Canal University, and in 2016 he obtained a PhD in International Commercial Arbitration, and he is also an expert and certified trainer in the arbitration programs of the Arab Coaches Union. He held several positions in the Egyptian Hadid Group since 2010 until now, including a technical consultant for signing project contracts at the Beni Suef and Ain Sokhna factories, general manager at Alexandria plant, and director of the group's research and development department. One of the most important professional achievements of Dr. Hisham Saad is the establishment of the Research and Development Department in the Steel Network.

Technical Director At EgyptianSteel

Hesham Saad is a Technical Director with 27 years of experience in the industrial engineering field which is divided into several segments such as cement, lighting, mechanical contracting, fasteners, steel rolling and steel making.
Through his several years in the field of steel making and rolling, he handled 5 projects; one
in Egypt with a capacity between 120000 T/Y up to 300000 T/Y, a project in Sudan 300000 T/Y, a project in Morocco 150000 T/Y, and 2 projects in KSA, between 75000 to 250000 T/Y
He joined with 2 of the most important projects in Egypt 1.5 M T/Y of rebars starting from scrap at Beni Sueif and Al Ain Al Sokhna cities at IIC Egyptian Steel.
He also handled during the last 2 years and completed the wire rod rolling mill in Alexandria with a capacity of 250 k ton per year of coils starting from size 5.5 up to 14 mm , which is considered the first revamping, modifying  and upgrading project in Egyptian Steel Group.



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With more than 3 decades of experience in steel industrial engineering sector Dr Hesham Saad has been the man behind setting up few of the largest steel plants and rebar rolling mills across Middle East and North Africa. Presently serving as Arabian Steel Industries Deputy Managing Director and Steel Network RnD Director, Dr Saad has been acknowledged as one of the key think tanks, driving the rapidly growing steel making and rolling in Egypt.



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