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Insights and Inspiration: DR. Hesham
Saad's Tech Blogs

Dive into the world of technology with Dr. Hesham Saad, the visionary CEO of LojinTechno Company, through his insightful and inspiring tech blogs. Dr. Hesham shares his expertise,
ideas, and innovations, providing a unique perspective on the latest trends and developments
in the industry. From thought-provoking analyses to practical tips and tricks, these blogs offer
a wealth of knowledge for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. Join us on this captivating
journey of discovery, guided by the wisdom and vision of Dr. Hesham Saad.

Hot Slag vs Cold Slag

In the context of steelmaking, slag refers to the byproduct formed during the separation of impurities from molten metal. The characteristics of slag can vary

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Stop re-heating

Reheating furnaces are crucial in the steel industry for bringing steel billets or slabs to the desired temperature before subsequent processing, such as rolling or

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Think Steel, …., Act Green

Thinking like a steelmaker while also acting as a green human being involves balancing the operational needs of steel production with environmentally conscious and sustainable

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